Sunday, July 02, 2006


Since the World Cup is now left with 4 teams, why not I let you have a chance to back one of the teams for the WC. Don't use your head to choose, but choose with your heart! Follow what your heart tells you maybe based on their performances...or because of the hot guys in the team. Whatever, just vote.


Strength - Their attack. The striker pairing of Klose and Podolski blossomed throughout the competition with already 8 goals in between them. With the support of Ballack, Schweinsteiger and Schneider, they're formidable up front. Jens Lehmann is a fantastic penalty stopper too! A very organised and disciplined side.

Weakness - As the attack is good, the defence isn't the best. Mertesacker isn't a world class defende, Arne Friedrich is a liaibility, Metzelder is solid but a wee bit too slow and Lahm is great going forward but often caught at the back.


Strength - Directly opposite of Germany I guess. They're rock-solid at the back with Buffon in goal, Cannavaro in the heart and Zambrotta bombing foward. Pirlo, Gattuso and Perrotta shields the bacl 4.

Weakness - Looks to me a little too negative at times. They loves to flood the midfield with players and leaving only Totti/Del Piero and Toni up front. If one of the players got sent off, they'll be back against the wall once again like they did against Australia.


Strength - They'll step up their game when they're determined too. The old guards add a lot of experience in the team and it isn't a bad thing sometimes. Vieira and Makalele are 2 excellent defensive midfielder and gives lots of protection to the defence. Zidane and Henry are masterclass and Ribery is starting to show some brilliance.

Weakness - It pays for being experienced, that ageing legs will fail you too. The squad is a little too old and maybe it lacks abit of freshness. Barthez to me, is still a suspect and tend to flap at the wrong moment. Oh, just don't play Silvestre and things won't go so bad.


Strength - They are cunning. They are witty. You played RPG games and there is always a character in the game that's some sort of a Portugal. They play it smart and not beautiful. Who said they played well against England? They have ace wingers in Figo, CRonaldo and Simao while Deco, Costinha, Tiago or Maniche are the engine of the team.

Weakness - Nuno Valente's not very good and CRonaldo's temperament in big matches. Nuno Valente is quite slow and France will have to take note of that. CRonaldo is a good player, but once you start winding him up, he's gonna explode and his attitude might be the ultimate downfall for not only him, but his team.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see Italy win it for their fans.A football nation desperate for some good football news.It's sad that the true fans of Juve and others have been brought to such shame by the actions of the people running the clubs.A France win would be nice to see ZZ ride off in the sunset with a world cup he truly is a living legend.Scolari takes Portugal to the promise land.He will be without a doubt the greatest manager in quite sometime.If Germany was to win it that would great for Klinsman,he has takin' so much criticism from the media.So what if he lives in Cali,I don't blame him he's a nobody in the US he can live life and raise his kids without all the BS in Germany.


Drogballs said...

yea it's really hard to pick a winner now. the Germany vs Italy match would be a cracker I reckon. But I'll back Germany...