Thursday, July 13, 2006


A new system, with new criterias and new amendments to the old FIFA World Ranking. So surely right after this World Cup, you would expect some of those teams in tournament to go up. But sadly, FIFA is up to its usual 'good' yet again after releasing the brand new World ranking.

1 Brazil - A disastrous World Cup campaign for the world champions. Out with a whimper. Deserves first place? Hmmm, why not give the new world champion the number one spot?

2 Italy -
Well deserved. Consistant throughout the qualifiers, group stage and of course went on to win it.

3 Argentina - One of the better performers in the World Cup. They put on great shows but was kicked out by host Germany. Oh, look where Germany is !

4 France - A lacklustre qualifiers and then disappointing in the group stage. maybe entering the finals helped.

5 England - Oh.My.Dear.Lord. How did England get into the Top 5? Seriously, losing to Northern Ireland (!!!) in the qualifer doesn't help and then went on to the World Cup and gave a sh*tty show to everyone on earth. The Portugese beat them, but look where Portugal is.

6 Netherlands - 6?! For poor showing at the World Cup as well? This is getting absurd....

7 Spain - Frankly, over-rated, from a Spanish 'supporter'. They looked good on paper, but always struggle at the highest stage. Should be around... No. 10.

8 Portugal - World Cup semi finalist behind a group of over-rated teams. Not that I like them, I hate them actually. But really, their performance are up to standards and should be ahead of Netherlands in any case.

9 Germany - Beating the Portugese 3-1 and ended up one spot below them. And 9? Are you serious, FIFA?

10 Czech Republic - Good showing at the European Championship 2004 and is everyone's 'dark horses'. But failed spectacularly in the World Cup and went out in the group stage. 10? You're having a laugh...

11 Nigeria - HA HA HA oh my. Didn't even qualify for the World Cup and came in 11th. What's going on? At least the Cameroonian were a penalty kick away from the World Cup.

12 Cameroon - Okay, a penalty kick away from making it to the finals, but do we really beieve Cameroon are the 12th strongest team on earth? Hmmmmm......

13 Switzerland - A decent display at the World Cup and maybe some good performances during the qualifer, especially against France. I think they deserved maybe between 16-20th place.

14 Uruguay - Urr...never made it to the World Cup after the play-off defeat against Australia. Oh wait, where's Australia?!

15 Ukraine - Not too sure about this, but it's quite hard to imagine Ukraine being number 15 judging by those games they played in the World Cup.

16 USA - Finally, made some sense by dropping them down from..second? Still, maybe 16 flattered them a little, but no where else to move, eh?

17 Denmark - Didn't make it to the World Cup, and ranked above Mexico?

18 Mexico - Wow, I applaud....Had a pretty decent World Cup and I think they deserved to be at least within the top 15. One of the better teams around and deserve the credits.

19 Paraguay - Maybe they're good during the qualifiers. But I couldn't remember anything of note from them. Drop them to maybe, 25th.

20 Cote d'Ivoire - The future super-power of African football, and they're behind Nigeria and Cameroon? First time reaching the World Cup and managed to put in good performances. Deserved to be up there, a little higher.

The ranking thing now has become a farce and it's becoming embarassing. To tell people that Mexico is 18th in the world and then Netherlands in 6th is laughable. But what else can you do, it those people that would rather work on the number of yellow cards than stamping out on diving and cheating. I'm disappointed. Are you? I mean, if these small little things can't be done properly, how effective would they be if it's something major?


The Bengali Fob said...

Yep, FIFA's system is very bad as you've pointed out. I think they should just do it by continent (the rankings) or regions.

the only thing that makes sense is that the USA aren't in teh top ten anymore.

Drogballs said...

I think there should be 2 rankings, one is based on the team's history and performance over the years (Brazil should top it) and of course a table current ranking. And points will be awarded accordingly, like lets say if a country in the 40th-50th placing beats one in the top 10, maybe, they'll be awarded maybe...6-7 points?

and a win in the World Cup should give higher points, i hate seeing teams like Togo and T&T whom performed so well and then drop downwards..