Monday, July 10, 2006


Zidane Wins WC Golden Ball Despite The Headbutt:-

Zinedine Zidane has been awarded the Golden Ball as the best player at the World Cup despite his sending off in the final last night.

The France legend, playing in his final match before retirement, was dismissed in extra time for headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi.
Zidane - won Golden Ball.

The voting for the award was carried at half-time in the final, which France went on to lose on penalties. Zidane, 34, topped a of poll journalists covering the event ahead with 2,012 points ahead of Italian pair Fabio Cannavaro (1,977) and Andrea Pirlo (715).

Drogballs: A really weird poll that is, carried out during half time of the World Cup finals. When I heard the news of Zidane winning the Golden Ball, I don't know whether to find this ridiculous or just plain stupidity from the FIFA officials. Okay I mean fair enough, the voting was held during half time. But why half time? Why not a day after the finals and everyone can sit down properly and think through their decisions rather than making a decision based on the past few games and another half of a final game.

Back to point, now seriously, what should Zidane do about this award. I think it's absolutely awkward if he's going to receieve that award in front of all the people. Can he face it? Can he cope with the controversies going around him and his headbutt-ing incident? I for one thinks that he should give the award up and hand it over to Fabio Cannavaro, whom I thought deserved the award more than him. Unlike Zidane, 'Canna' has been immensed since Italy took on Ghana and was ever-present. Zidane meanwhile, was subdued in the first 2 games and got bookings from both the game and as a result, he was suspended for the crucial match against Togo.

I'll be waiting for the latest on Zidane's interview and I'll update as soon as I've got the news and shall do a little analysis on it.

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