Friday, July 14, 2006


Juventus To Serie B, AC Milan Out Of Champions League?

Juventus will be demoted to Serie B, with a deduction of fifteen points, for their part in the match-fixing scandal that has rocked Italy, according to reports.

Fiorentina and Lazio are also set to be demoted when the official verdict from the trial is announced later today.

While reports in the Italian press claim that AC Milan will not suffer a similar fate, they will be chucked out of the Champions League – as will both Juve and Fiorentina.

Drogballs: If these 'reports' are true, then Italy will surely become the Carefour of football, with players like Cannavaro, Trezeguet, Del Piero, Camoranesi and Buffon on sale. Out of the 20 odd players on the field during the France vs Italy World Cup Finals, up to 10 are going to be affected as most of them played for Juventus and other major clubs involved.

It's all a roller-coaster. One week ago they were lifting the World Cup trophy and at the top of the world. But today, when the verdicts are out, they are going to be brought back down to earth. Juventus, whom we have seen performing in the Champions League and Serie A over the years, will disappear and not feature much on TV anymore. It's a shame, but that is what you get when you cheat. As chinese proverbs says, a paper cannot contain the fire, they're being found out and ought to be punished. Glad that they took action on those that have brought Italian football onto its feet. Will the 'Old Lady' rise again?

Il est un gangster - Marco Materazzi

I applaud what Zinedine Zidane did to Marco, from a football fan's point of view. That Italian footballer, or they called him thug, is quite a disgrace to football. He's a cheating sc*mbag that constantly gets away scot-free from those niggly fouls and of course, those serious ones. Of course another reason why I couldn't stand him is, because he used to play for BLOODY EVERTON. Anyway below is a little compilation of him and his 'deeds'. Enjoy his thuggery!

He deserved every ounce of energy that is emmited from Zidane's baldy head! Maybe Zidane's Mam should go give him a slap as well.

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