Saturday, July 15, 2006


We're all aware that Adidas will be making our kits for next season and apparently, the jersey will be on display tomorrow, when our players will be wearing them. I'm kinda excited to see what Adidas has in place for us and I'm pretty sure they will be better than those Reeboks one.

Alright I've came across some pictures of the new jersey and they looked pretty genuine to me. Here they are (NOTE: They're the prototype, without the sponsor) :

Home Kit - Looks pretty good to me. But usually Adidas jersey looks better with round badges and ours isn't. Whatever it is, I'll get it anyway, with either Carragher's or Alonso's name behind. Hmm, what's with the collar?

Away Kit - Looks like Spain's jersey, without the stripes and the colours are inverted. Looks just alright to me, as I don't really have much love for yellow...

European Away Kit - Looks awesome! I might get it if this is the real version, because it looked qite cool and ungeneric. It's green and not black by the way. Awesome kit.

Genuine? Or Not? Nice? Drop me a comment!


Anonymous said...

Only thing that's missing is the sponsor Carlsberg.I guess the collar is a throwback to the old school.I don't think it's that bad,but I rather not have it on.Here's a link with keeper jerseys and the full kits.


Drogballs said...

hye, i mentioned it was the prototype so it wn't have te sponsors on it :D haha thanks very much.