Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So, what made Zizou so incensed that he planted his almighty head into Materazzi's chest?This is what Materazzi said in the press conference and I still, will reserve my judgement until Zidane himself comes out and talk about it. Anyway here's the transcript:

Materazzi, 32, told Gazetta dello Sport: 'I held his shirt for a few seconds only, then he turned to me and talked to me, jeering.

'He looked at me with a huge arrogance and said, `If you really want my shirt I'll give it to you afterwards'. I replied with an insult, that's true.'

Materazzi has not elaborated on what he did say, but one report suggested he responded with: `I'd rather take the shirt off your wife'.

Alright, so actually exchanging your jersey with an Italian thug is arrogant? Sounds like a sissy to me. Again, I'll only give further comments when Zidane comes out and clear the things up. He's a legend after all, I still respect him as a great footballer of our generation. Good luck, Zizou.


The Bengali Fob said...

Hmmm, there seems to be many different versions of what happened now.

You're right, we should wait until Zidane gives his side.

However, Zidane didn't do right by headbutting him. He should've just shoved the guy or something instead. The headbutt was too vicious and that's why people are shocked.

Of course, if someone made horrible insults about me or my family then maybe I would've reacted violently too. Competitive sports does get intense.

Drogballs said...

Yes, I think he should come out and say the truth AS WELL to apologise. I think no matter what Materazzi said to him, he shouldn't react that way.

Things do get intense on the field, especially its a WC Finals and there are cameras around you. The pressure on Zidane is really..unimaginable to me, cos everyone said it was a swansong and it's like he's the protagonist on the field. Sadly..