Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Liverpool's pre-season friendlies will start this Saturday, yes this Saturday, one week after the World Cup, up against our near neighbours, Wrexham. So players without any World Cup duties usually meet up sooner than the rest of the squad to start their engine and get ready for yet another long and tough season. Here are some of the pictures from the training recently and I must commen that the training kits are pretty good, especially the one on the coaches.

That's Riise, Hyypia, Sissoko and Warnock

Pako Ayesteran and his colleagues. Nice kits as I've said.

Pako! And Anfield 'God' Robbie Fowler..

Nice to see Bolo Zenden back. Out since November 2005.

I'm not sure who's that guy on the left, he looks like Jon Ostemobor. But he left the club didn't he? Liverpool fans please enlighten me. Besides him is Mark Gonzalez and Fabio Aurelio.

Mark Gonzalez, Fabio Aurelio and the man himself, Rafael Benitez.

Another question. Who's this number 2 below? I thought it was Kromkamp?

Craig Bellamy, ah the tattoes speak for itself.

Momo and Warnock?

New boys Gonzalez and Aurelio...

Alright..sorry, don't really have the mood to do all those awards stuff. Downward spiral in life I guess?


LadyLala said...

number 2... from what people say in RAWK... is Paul Anderson.
but they also say training numbers no the same as the shirt numbers lor.

Drogballs said...

haha yea I saw that too. :D