Friday, July 14, 2006


Over the years, Liverpool have made it into couple of major finals including the 2001 UEFA Cup, League Cup and FA Cup. Again in 2006, we went into the FA Cup finals. But when people asked about the defining moment of our club's history, the thing that surely will come to your mind is no doubt the 2005 UEFA Champions League.

What's the similarity between the 2001 UEFA Cup, 2005 Champions League and 2006 FA Cup? Yes, it all ended up 3-3 at normal time and we still went on to win it. But the one match that really stood out among the rest is no doubt the Champions League final, when we were 3-0 down at half time and by theory, we should have already conceded the trophy to AC Milan.

But heroes changes history. They dare to defy all odds and anything logical, and brough magic, miracle and belief into the heart of men. When their current circumstance doesn't suit them, they rose and dared to make changes, making the ultimate difference.

Someone sent me this link of the YouTube video that really touched me and made me believe that whatever situations you're in, no matter how deep sh*t you're in, if you believe and work for it, nothing is going to stand in your way. Are you going to make a difference? Below is a video on the very night when Liverpool turned the world upside down and defied all logics and reality.

Thank you Liverpool. To most, football is just a sports. But I believe there are lots of lessons we can draw from it. Our legendary forefather, Bill Shankly, once said "Football is more important than life and death to you, but I can assure you it's more important than that".

I believe that after turning corners and corners with Gerard Houllier till we're all tired now, we have entered into an era where I can safely place all my trust in Rafa the Gaffer. I believe after what happened to us over the last two seasons, our hard work will pay off one day and we will once again be the footballing power we used to be back in the 1980s.

I Believe.

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